Radhanath Swami – The World Needs More Love

Published on June 10, 2020 by

When I was a little boy it was my mother’s birthday and I forgot. I came home from school and I realized so I ran in the backyard and she had a little rose garden we had a tiny backyard and she just had three rose bushes and I broke a rose off and I ran in and I said, “Happy birthday mother”. She took that rose which I stole from her she put it to her head, to her nose, to her heart and she cried in joy. She said it’s not the thing that is given or received that gives satisfaction. It is the intent the love in which it is given and received. She said this Rose is more valuable than a diamond ring or a pearl necklace because you gave it with so much affection. And that was like a seed within my heart. Later on through my spiritual teachers and ultimately my guru Srila Prabhupada I understood how this sense of love could expand to that point of feeling the Supreme Being or God’s limitless love and tapping into that love which is the nature of the very soul who we are and then sharing that love in whatever we do. And I’ve seen people who are CEOs of major corporations, politicians, very active people very successful people but they’re not doing it out of fear, they’re not doing it out of arrogance,  they’re not doing it out of greed. As I said they’re earning with integrity and spending with compassion and they’re making such a difference in so many people’s lives. The world needs that. It’s not a sectarian concept it’s universal.

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