Radhanath Swami – This Principle Will Save Your Relationships

Published on May 25, 2020 by

There’s a bird called a crane. White feathers, long beak, stands on one leg in a stream of water, looking down for food. And so many little fish are passing. Dozens and dozens of the little fish, hundreds of little fish, thousands of little fish. The crane observes, lets them pass. When a big fish comes, he eats it and feasts. Now I don’t eat fish, but the analogy is appropriate. He’s keeping his attention focused on what is actually significant, and let’s all the little things go. Unless we are focused on the higher principles, the more valuable things that are really in our lives, then we’re easily distracted by every single little fish, and we never find the big one. It’s so easy to see a little pebble as a mountain, unless we’re focused on a real mountain. Because ananda-mayo-bhyasat – everyone is seeking pleasure, everyone is seeking meaning. Unless we’re focused on deep issues, then we will be obsessed with little things. And this is especially true with relationships.

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