Radhanath Swami – 3 Secrets To Enhance Your Life

Published on February 25, 2020 by

A student once asked his teacher: Are there codes of wisdom that can enrich my everyday life?

The teacher replied: A person who has wisdom is like salt, a chicken and a crane. Seeing the disciple confused, the teacher explained: The amount of salt in a dish should be just right. If there’s too much or too little, the dish will not be satisfying. Like salt, a person should live with balance. It is important for one to be balanced when dealing with challenges or complicated issues, avoiding extremes just as one needs the right amount of salt in a dish for it to taste good. Wisdom is to balance our time to give proper attention to our health, family, occupation and spiritual needs. Another quality of salt is that it remains hidden even though it adds flavor to a dish. People praise a dish by appreciating the quality of its grains or vegetables or spices, but no one says, ‘The salt in this dish was fabulous!’ Like salt, we can serve without being overly attached to receiving recognition or praise. We find joy simply in doing our best and are happy in appreciating others. In giving, we really do receive food that satisfies the heart. Yet another quality of salt is that it relinquishes its sense of separateness to melts with the other ingredients for the taste of a preparation. Similarly, we should let go of our ego to work in harmony with others for the benefit of all. Add the salt of balance, unselfishness and co-operation to the preparation of your life to enhance its flavor.

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