Radhanath Swami – Are You Happy?

Published on October 10, 2019 by

A truly happy person does not find his or her happiness in the ever-changing circumstances that surround them. This is a problem with the way people perceive life. We’re seeking happiness in all sorts of temporary fleeting experiences that are so often beyond our control. Real happiness is not determined by the external situation; it’s a state of mind. It’s a consciousness. It is what is within ourselves. Yoga means harmony. It’s to harmonize the body with the mind, with the very living force of who we are and through this process to harmonize our consciousness with all of nature, and with the conscious force that is within all living beings. It is in that harmony that we find true happiness because that harmony is eternal it’s unchanging. The concept of unity and diversity. There is limitless diversity and that diversity is wonderful because it provokes and it invokes opportunities to go deeper and deeper within ourselves. It provides opportunities for relationships. But for those relationships to truly bring about happiness of the heart, it’s important to experience the unity within all of this diversity. when we understand that harmony and the negative apparent things that we see, we begin to realize that that is on the level of the ego, on the level of the illusions of disconnect from the joy of the song. I have seen people on their death beds, whose bodies were racked with pain, who are truly the happiest people in the world. Because in that situation they were seeking the happiness within and they discovered it. We can find that even in our healthiest states. Whether we’re rich, whether we’re poor. Whether we’re healthy, whether we’re diseased. Whatever our situation is, to find the harmony of the heart with the hearts of all beings with the hearts of creation is true happiness.

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