Radhanath Swami on Experiencing real satisfaction

Published on June 23, 2019 by

Pleasure is something of the heart. Things can give some degree of satisfaction to the mind and senses, but nothing – no thing – can give any gratification to the heart. Only love can give satisfaction to the heart. Unfortunately, we are so distracted to things that we compromise the integrity and values that make our life meaningful. In my 65 years of living in this world I have never ever seen anyone loved because of their money, because of their position, because of their title in the corporation or in politics, because of their skills. Nobody loves you for that. People may respect you, people may enjoy you according to what they get out you. But most of the time people are envious.

When we’re compassionate, when we have values, when we have learned how to love others, people love us. What’s really valuable in life? To love and be loved, or just to accumulate? The evolution of humanity is, going from the obsessive need to get things, to the joy of giving with love and compassion, with values.

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