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Published on March 10, 2020 by

Did you ever think that from an ordinary chicken we could learn valuable lessons to guide us in our relationships and life itself? The chicken will select nourishing seeds from a pile of trash and leave everything else behind. Here we learn to look for the good qualities in others and not unnecessarily focus on their faults. If we’re compelled by circumstances to address someone’s fault we should do it only to benefit that person or others who may be affected by them. If we fill our minds with the apparent shortcomings of those around us we will become negatively affected. Focusing on their good qualities however will enrich our relationships and the quality of life. Through this analogy of the chicken we also learn to seek constructive opportunities in every situation and not complain about the problems. If you look for reasons to complain, you’ll see them everywhere. Similarly, if you search for opportunities to do good you’ll see them in abundance. Like the chicken, we should seek the essence of our spirituality and its practices and focus on their true goal leaving aside the unnecessary sectarian distractions that divide us. In this way we can appreciate the essence not only of our own path, but of other paths as well.

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