Radhanath Swami – Watch this if you want inner peace

Published on July 25, 2019 by

It is important that we understand that true peace is within ourselves. We have all seen people even in the most peaceful natural environment, who are agitated, who are disturbed, who are suffering. And we’ve also seen people in the apparently most distressing circumstances of life, who are at complete peace. Because the experience of true peace is an inner state of consciousness. And that’s what every great religion, that’s what every great spiritual path is teaching us. We must learn to find peace within ourselves. But so much of our life is seeing the external world and interacting with it. So in order to find true peace within ourselves, we must harmonize the way we live with our true nature. The more we love, the more we’re instruments of compassion, the more we find joy in giving to others, the more we see the external world around us in relationship to God, to the supreme being, and we live with integrity, we live with character, and we give priority time to actually cultivating that peace through our spiritual practices, the more we will actually find true peace. The more we give peace to others, the more we will find peace ourselves. The reality is, throughout history, there have been wars, there has been crime, there has been drought and hurricanes and volcanoes and so many different difficulties in life. Throughout all of these various transformations of life around us, people have always sought that peace within themselves. Real peace is not the external circumstances; it’s a state of consciousness. And actually, if we do not find that state of consciousness of peace within ourselves, we really cannot in a sustainable way be instruments of peace within this world. It’s the greatest need of human society – to learn the value of compassion. To learn the value of love. To learn how to find that peace to experience that peace within ourselves and extend it to the world around us. That is called seva, to serve with compassion, to serve with love.

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