Radhanath Swami – The Number One Mistake We All Make

Published on March 25, 2020 by

In an evolved human society, people love people and use things. But unfortunately, so much in this world, people love things and use people to get them and to keep them. Unfortunately, there can be no inner satisfaction in our life in such a state of consciousness. I was recently told of one very influential doctor in America. Regularly, he would get his newspaper from a little boy whose leg was crippled. This doctor felt a certain compassion for him, and decided, “He can’t afford it, but I will arrange a surgery.” So we went to a local medical hospital, and told them, “If you give me the facilities for free, I will teach, how to do the surgery, to all your medical students.” So, it was all arranged! He went and told the little boy, “I will fix your leg, so that you could run and play with all the other children!” The little boy looked up at him and said, “This is a really good thing, because if you teach other people how to do this, for free, then so many other people like me will also benefit!” So the day of the surgery came and they were in the theatre for the operation. The doctor and all the staff were together. And the students, they were behind glass with Closed-circuit TV(CCTV), watching everything. And the little boy was wheeled in the doctor told all the students exactly what he was about to do. And he said to the little boy, “I will fix your leg.” And the little boy looked up at him, just before he went into his sleep from anesthesia, the boy said, “Doctor, I think that you’re a really wonderful person and I pray that God will bless you for your kindness to me.” The boy went to sleep. After the successful surgery, the doctor told all the students what he had done, and then he said, with tears in his eyes, he said “Over the years, I have done surgeries for super VIPs, multi-millionaires, billionaires; I have made great fortunes for my surgeries.” With great emotion, he then said: “But I can tell you I’ve never experienced so much meaning, fulfillment and happiness as when I heard the words of appreciation of this little child.”

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